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The Rouen

Specialty of the Seine Valley, the Rouen duckling is the must-taste during your stay. Inspired by the famous recipe of father Denise, a former innkeeper at Duclair – your duckling will be prepared before you by a master chef.

The order
of the Duck

This association was founded in 1986 and aims to maintain the French culinary traditions and in particular the crown jewel of its gastronomy, “le caneton à la rouennaise”.
The Order is made out of two categories of members: the masters “Canardiers” and/or gentlemen or lady “Canardiers”.

The first are professionals serving “le caneton à la rouennaise” in their establishment. The order guarantees that this delicacy has been traditionally and perfectly mastered.
The latter are gourmets enjoying the recipe and share the objectives of the tradition and lastly the Mayor of Rouen is the “Grand Canardier” of honour.

An authentic
Norman recipe

Ingredients for this specialty of the capital of Normandy (for 2 persons)

-2 kg of Rouen Duckling (not wrung).
-1 bottle of Beaune red.
-50cl of veal stock.
-1/2 a lemon.
-20g of butter.
-1 glass of Porto.
-1 glass of Cognac
-20g of chopped shallots
-four spices, thyme, laurel, salt, freshly ground pepper

After it was, roasted and grilled the fillets, legs and wings of the duck will be drained in order to extract the essential juices of the carcass using a silver duck press.
The Rouen wine and shallots sauce are then flambéed with the rest of your duckling. Accompanied with a side of celery flan and baked caramelized Apple.
More commonly called ‘duck blood’, the peculiarity of this recipe is dew steaming of the duckling.

Enjoy your meal!

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