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Statue Jeanne d'Arc à Rouen Bonsecours Rouen Normandie joan of arc church

Joan of Arc
in Rouen

The symbolic figure of Rouen, Joan of Arc is present everywhere in the streets, squares and monuments in the capital of Normandy

In the middle of the Hundred Years War, the young woman marked the history of France forever. From Domrémy to Orléans, her route was full of success until her fall in Rouen in 1431. From the Tour de la Pucelle, via the Place du Vieux Marché and the Cathedral, a trail retraces Joan’s last hours through the streets of the town.

The Joan of Arc church
and Histoy museum

The Joan of Arc History Museum located in the magnificent buildings of the archbishop’s palace has been a site of great architectural quality since its opening in 2015, housing the remains of the Room of Officiality where Joan’s condemnation was pronounced in 1431 and where a retrial would take place in 1456 nullifying the first. The stage design, orchestrated by the agency Clémence Farrell, will take you through the faces and stories of “Joan”.

Bearing a strong medieval identity with its two crypts, its rooms and its 15th century tower, it makes the ideal setting to tell the story of the Maid of Orléans. The History Museum is a tourist attraction where new technology combines with historical architecture to make a visit an essential part of your romantic weekend, your family holiday or your school trip.

A few steps from the SNCF railway station, another essential site awaits you. The dungeon, also called “Joan of Arc Tower”, the remains of the Philippe Auguste château where the Maid was imprisoned and judged. On the Place du Vieux Marché, the stake and the Joan of Arc Church receive thousands of visitors every day.


Joan of Arc 

From May 20 to 29, ten days of festivities to celebrate Joan of Arc, the history and magic of Rouen!

This year the City of Rouen, the association “les Vitrines de Rouen” and Rouen Normandy Tourism and Congress are mobilizing to offer “New Joan of Arc Celebrations”. Many events are programmed in the heart of the city :

exhibitions, shows, wanderings, concerts, parade, entertainment for children, workshops open to the public, falconry, camp, farmer and medieval markets…

a huge program, you will return to the Middle Ages during your stay with demonstrations (ironwork, calligraphy, weaving, goldsmithing, pottery, etc.), crafts (stone cutting, woodworking, stained glass…), medieval dances, brass bands… but also tales and fables set to music, a life-size fantasy investigation and cosplay wanderings!

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