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Spring break

“In April, don’t be afraid of the sun” says the famous saying! But the arrival of the first rays of sunshine still encourage you to get out the tip of your nose…
To help you organize your spring vacations, find here,
the appointments not to be missed in Rouen and its metropolis,
from Saturday, April 15 to Tuesday, May 2, 2023.

Discover the heritage of Rouen

with a guide or on your own

The Animals in the City
Tour for the little ones (and for the grown-ups)

Can you spot the fantastic and folkloric animals hidden in the decor of the streets of Rouen? As a family, embark on this quest and discover their secrets.

Two routes are possible: one from 5 years old and the other from 8 years old.

Saint-Ouen la lumineuse
Active tour

The Saint-Ouen Abbey draws its grandeur from the balance that exists between its architecture and light. Thanks to this sensory and participatory tour, rediscover the luminosity of this building tinted by the poetry of its stained glass windows. As a family, look up, mix the colors, complete the stories, let yourself be carried away in this colorful discovery.

Fun tour

Accompanied by a guide, come and flush out little creatures in the streets of Rouen. Between riddles and games, observe the heritage and learn from a different angle.

Two routes are possible: one starting from Place Barthélémy in front of the Saint-Maclou Church and the other starting from Place du Vieux-Marché.

Name of name
Atypical tour

Below the name of a street hides a whole history… Take advantage of this original tour of Rouen to learn the origin of the names of the streets. The anecdotes and legends of Rouen will no longer have any secrets for you.

Two routes are possible: one to the west and south of the cathedral (Place de la Calende, Haute Vieille Tour, Place Jacques Lelieur, Rue aux Ours…) and the other to the north and east of the cathedral (Rue Saint-Romain, Saint-Amand, du petit-Mouton, Eau-de Robec…).

The little train
Discover Rouen’s historic districts

As a family, hop on board the little train and enjoy a panoramic roof, a screen and touchless headphones to appreciate the city in a different way.

Go to Place de la Cathédrale and buy your tickets directly from the driver. Enjoy your visit!

Participate in workshops

and unusual outings

Urban Escape Game
Investigations in the heart of historical heritage

Wallet in hand, enjoy a new way to explore the streets of Rouen. Orientation, riddles, keys, chests, you have 1h30 to find the solution to the mystery before it’s too late! A nice outing to do with friends or family.

Unusual Saint-Maclou Oyster
Tour and introduction to ceramics

Accompanied by a guide, open your eyes wide to the macabre decorations of this former 16th-century ossuary turned cemetery, school and living space. Then, in the Fire Arts Gallery, initiate yourself to clay modeling in the hands of a passionate craftsman. An original manual activity that will allow you to create your own ceramic work.

Tour de passe-passe with Maurice Leblanc
Outing full of surprises

It was in Rouen that Maurice Leblanc, father of the famous gentleman burglar, grew up and found inspiration. Thus, leave in the city in the footsteps of the writer, revealing in the process some surprises about his facetious character… Watch out for you, Lupin is never far away!

Backstage at Les Halles de Normandie
Exclusive and sensory immersion

Welcome to Rouen’s National Interest Market! Discover “Rouen’s Rungis”, the largest market in the northwestern quarter of France: a tour of the site, then of the flower and fruit and vegetable halls, which will illustrate its operation and awaken your senses.

Unpublished Escape Game “Liberate Rouen!”
Join the Resistance

From April 15 to November 5, 2023, at the Donjon of Rouen, join the Resistance and get ready to live a historical adventure thanks to an unpublished escape game: “Liberate Rouen!”. A mission of the utmost importance is entrusted to you: to recover strategic documents in the heart of the best protected German bunker in the city, that of the Donjon of Rouen. A piece of advice, use discretion and coolness.

At Easter Bells
Tour and workshop

Ouch! The bells have passed and you’ve already gobbled up the chocolate treats they brought you… No worries, make up for it with this outing. Discover the multitude of bells in the Cathedral Bells and then make your own chocolate bells.

Workshop available for children ages 7-12.

I gargoyle, you gargoyle…
Making workshop

But who are these strange creatures beings that populate the roofs of churches? What is this unique legend in Rouen that speaks of a gargoyle? Learn about the function and symbolism of the gargoyle and then create your own clay gargoyle.

Workshop available for children ages 4-6.

Enjoy exhibitions

for all ages and tastes

Exhibition “Oceans of Plastic(s)”
Pavillon des Transitions – Rouen

Two exhibitions dedicated to ocean preservation and the fight against plastic pollution are on display at the Pavillon des Transitions through November.
As a family, discover the works of Maori artist George Nuku, created from plastic and polystyrene recovered from the shoreline, and wander through the scientific exhibition proposed by the MED expedition allowing you to discover the issues, causes and consequences of ocean plastic pollution.

Exhibition “Inspiration in the Vegetable Garden”
St. Georges-de-Boscherville Abbey

Franck Hamel, a culinary photographer, highlights the delicate beauty of fruits, vegetables and plants in the vegetable garden. Discover his photographs, which are fully in keeping with the seasonality of the Saint-Georges-de-Boscherville Abbey garden and the light inherent in each moment of the day.

Exhibition “Odyssey Health”
L’Atrium – Rouen

3 expo’ in 1, Health is in the spotlight within L’Atrium with new exhibition spaces until October 31, 2023. With the family, come and discover “Microbiota, based on the discreet charm of the intestine”, “In my body”, a space dedicated to children and “Health in Normandy, research and health at the heart of the territories”.

In addition to this exhibition, find every day other animations:

  • Track game “Let’s save Jeannette” (free)
  • Game of the goose “The odyssey of the interior” (free)
  • Flash tours of the exhibition spaces (free)
  • Planetarium sessions
  • Virtual Reality sessions

Exhibition “Normans. Migrants, Conquerors, Innovators”
Musées des Antiquités et des Beaux-Arts – Rouen

This exhibition highlights the complexity and richness of the links woven between Normandy and the rest of the world from this medieval period of the 9th-12th centuries. More than 250 works are thus presented, at the Museums of Antiquities and the Fine Arts, as so many milestones in the great epic of the Normans, builders of a Europe before its time, who in their time made their home in different countries, from England to Sicily.

On Sunday, April 23, pair this outing with a guided tour “In the wake of the Normans” through the streets of Rouen.

Stroll in the middle of nature,

in parks and gardens

Hu dada!
Pony ride

Get together in Hautot-sur-Seine to share a special parent-child moment. After a conditioning by the team of the Equestrian Center the Haras des Fendanges, enjoy 1 hour of ride in autonomy with your child. The opportunity to discover the world of ponies.

The Jardin des Plantes de Rouen
The ideal place for family walks

No matter the season, a walk at the Jardin des Plantes in Rouen is always a success. Large green spaces and games for safe fun, large ponds for model making, birds and other animals to discover, all in a lovely setting that allows everyone to have a great time.

The Roumare Animal Park
Unusual place where serenity breathes

Under the trees of the Roumare State Forest, which has been awarded the “Forest of Exception” label, you will find animals in semi-liberty (protected by fences) such as wild boars, fallow deer or stags. Its very rich biodiversity and its pleasant setting make it an ideal place to enjoy nature! Do not hesitate to stop at one of the observation posts, who knows what you may see!

Treasure Hunt
At Clères Park

There is a legend at Clères Park that treasures are hidden at the base of certain trees. Dive, on April 20 or 27, into the legend, find the treasure map and go on an adventure!

This activity is for children ages 7 to 11.

AccroCamp Rouen
Urban tree climbing on Lacroix Island

From mid-April, come and discover seven tree climbing courses for young and old. Between jumping jacks, rope bridges, climbing walls, zip lines, this new playground located at the end of Lacroix Island in Rouen will satisfy more than one.


We wish you a beautiful spring vacation in Rouen and its Seine Valley!