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Gastronomy :
Rouen for the gourmets

Rouen and the Seine valley are synonymous with conviviality and relaxation for gastronomy lovers. The restaurants, brasseries, bars and tea rooms offer fine products that are made in line with traditional regional values.

Where to eat
in Rouen ?

Culinary flavors and colors tickle the senses with the diversity of menus on offer. Between land and sea, the Norman cuisine is incomparable and unique. With over 135 restaurants in the region, Rouen and the Seine valley propose a number of culinary experiences, from the boldest to the most respectful of traditions.

Alongside Norman cheeses, Calvados, cider and pommeau, crème fraîche and scallops, the chefs of Rouen know how to give Norman flavours exotic or impressionist touches from a wider horizon, that of world cuisine. The master cooks of Rouen and the Seine valley bring out the extraordinary wealth of the Norman countryside and seashores.

The most authentic recipe is certainly the one created by Michel Guéret in 1933 when he was a young steward on board the cruise ship Félix-Faure. Inspired by the Rouen duckling of Louis Convert, chef of the S.M. Edouard VII, the recipe soon became part and parcel of the Norman heritage. In order to protect and perpetuate the tradition, in 1986, Michel Guéret founded the Ordre des Canardiers.

and traditions

Between gourmet pleasure and traditions, Rouen and the Seine valley have preserved their local specialties and developed them for the pleasure of gourmets. The apple, fruit and symbol of Normandy, is distinguished in the Douillon d’Elbeuf surrounded by fine flaky pastry, whereas the Sucre de Pomme, made in an artisan way, is the sweet treat of Rouen par excellence. Chocolate is also made here, in the form of Paillardises and Larmes de Jeanne d’Arc.

The gastronomy of Rouen and the Seine valley is an invitation to share and discover thousands of tastes.

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