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Arts and Crafts in Rouen

Rouen is a city rich in tradition. The showcases crafts in Rouen show products in its shops and studios. Learn more about the expertise and skills of regional artisans.

Rouen is considered as the most significant and oldest centre of ceramics in France. The Rouen savoir-faire has had particular influence on French pottery works. Today the last pottery factories in Rouen can be found on Rue Saint-Romain, close to the Rouen Cathedral of Notre Dame. You can see pottery objects being decorated by hand in front of your eyes.

Arts and Crafts
in Rouen

The abundance of ore in Normandy has also encouraged the iron industry. Still recognisable today, the workshop of master ironmonger Ferdinand Marrou, now a tea room, located opposite the Cour des libraires at Rouen Cathedral of Notre Dame, is adorned with iron forged with great finesse. His work is present throughout Rouen, for example the bell towers on the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the ridge on the Gros-Horloge clock or the ridges on the Normandy Parliament building located on Rue aux Juifs Rouen. The art of ironwork is today represented at the Museum of Ironwork le Secq des Tournelles in Rouen. (Musée de la Ferronnerie).



The presence of many watercourses in the area enabled the development of the textile industry. Rouen, Darnétal and Elbeuf were the renowned drapery towns. The sheep is moreover one of the symbols of the Norman capital. Among the different fabrics produced we have to mention the Indiennes of Rouen. A historically important drapery town, Rouen accords great importance to linen. Normandy flax growers guarantee 60% of French production and 45% of the transformed European production. Located in the heart of the Pays de Caux, Doudeville (76560) is the national capital offlax. It is the former sales exchange for the linen fabrics production market.

Ceramics, ironwork or the textile industry, so many places, trades, skills and ways of life to discover when you come to the city of Rouen.

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